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Protecting young

IMG_0154If we are meant to be the civilised beings

Why do we kill our own, disregard the poor and kill the planet as we speak?

Are we protecting our untainted young from the enticing light

That deceives us as corrupted purity?

Are we setting a pathway for younglings to prosper bliss

When all our goals are oriented around money, sex and power?

Why do we blame murderers and rapists

When we should look at ourselves for despoiling the innocence from children these outlaws once were.

If ever you needed a reason to do something.

never be afraid 🙂

Poetry by Nature

Smile because your tears are blurring your vision of sadness.
Sing because people stare at you and tell you your voice is crappy.
Trust because when your heart begs you not.
Twirl because your mind makes sense of what you see of the world.
Frolick because you are made fun of. Kiss because others are watching.
Sleep because you are afraid it may not be the right dream.
Run because everybody believes you can not walk.

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The Stream line

i remember sitting here taking that photo 🙂

Poetry by Nature

Gleaming eyes, but can you hear water?

The waterfall leaving a chasm in your heart

Fill my inky heart, with your soft trickling twilight

Smothering my fiery flamed hear, with your prismatic stance

Fissuring my chintzy taste buds, baptising my tongue

Whirlpool of deliberate destruction

Clear as water, opaque as the rocks under the water

Fake as the reflection you see, of radiant stars

Is she flowing too, or will she flow through the fall line?

The power of volition, will she be unwavering?

Water in her purest, little stain of blood

Big stain of blood, responsive to change

I can sometimes feel your heat but not see it

But will my life flow like water, or will heart fissure

Conductive to life, peevish downfall

But she is non organic, because water does not decay

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bound on stardust


From an other-wise-sane perspective

day three of living without pain
still needing to adjust the back some
but infinitely better
have to be careful
that the relief from pain
doesn’t cause a refractive psychosis
the biggest change
is the less irritable
no more mountains out of mole hills

meanwhile the graphics have stopped working correctly
on Windows 10 due to a new Nvidia driver for 10
that has proven to be a bad driver
so i have to get my hands on a copy of
Windows 7
which was the original os on the laptop

i put my feet up
sit in my chair
and no pain
it is just a miracle and i must
keep this going somehow
all the while afraid
i will wake up tomorrow
pinched and twisted

so to focus on the now
be thankful for the now
and today will find answers for
the laptop
will make her good…

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