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The Stream line

i remember sitting here taking that photo 🙂

Poetry by Nature

Gleaming eyes, but can you hear water?

The waterfall leaving a chasm in your heart

Fill my inky heart, with your soft trickling twilight

Smothering my fiery flamed hear, with your prismatic stance

Fissuring my chintzy taste buds, baptising my tongue

Whirlpool of deliberate destruction

Clear as water, opaque as the rocks under the water

Fake as the reflection you see, of radiant stars

Is she flowing too, or will she flow through the fall line?

The power of volition, will she be unwavering?

Water in her purest, little stain of blood

Big stain of blood, responsive to change

I can sometimes feel your heat but not see it

But will my life flow like water, or will heart fissure

Conductive to life, peevish downfall

But she is non organic, because water does not decay

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