Give us this bread always

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They ask for signs,
but fail to embrace
the sign that was given.
They were in happy agreement
when it was all about eating
and feeding upon crusty loaves.
On those days belief came easy
and their hearts had surged,
hoping, expectant.
But seeking, receiving and dining
on the food that endures for eternal life,
(whatever that means),
is another thing entirely.

Give us this bread always.
The request comes easily,
with eager, outstretched hands,
but few opt to stay around
to receive the answer.
And the sign,
despite its stark simplicity,
perhaps because of it,
is passed by, unnoticed and ignored.

© Ken Rookes 2015

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For Our Children – The Illustrative World of Helene Magisson


Magic Fish Dreaming

11196362_992442344124038_8667092435439174466_n (2) For Our Children

Helene Magisson is a Children’s book illustrator, who graduated from the painting restoration school “Art et Avenir”, Paris (France).

She was also trained in the art of medieval illumination, exhibiting her work in Europe and teaching the history and techniques of medieval miniature in primary and high schools, both in France and in India, where she lived for a few years.

When Helene settled down in Australia, she decided to start a new career in children’s book illustration. Her numerous trips in Europe and Asia, as well as her childhood spent in Africa inspire and enrich her work. She believes that travelling is a fantastic source of inspiration.

Helene was awarded the first prize in the illustration category at the 2013 CYA conference. She has illustrated her first book, The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Bianco.

IMAGE_524 (2) Helene in India

How did you come to work on the…

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The Seed


The Occasional Musing of Peter J. Thomas

The seed,


Nourished by nature,

Hoping to grow,

To flourish, bloom,


Yet risks exist,

Eaten by carrion craving crows,

Not scared by scarecrows,

Down, torn from the earth,

Limb from limp dead limb,

Competition for recognition,

Light, sun, food,

Matters where sown,

Before grown,

Some starved,

Some over faced, overfed

Obese futures,

Gluttony of greed,

Drugs, chemicals, injected,


Affect growth, thought, mind,


Some live, some die,

Never knowing why,

Some flourished,

Others malnourished,

We are the young,

We are,

The Seed

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