beautiful 🙂

When My Heart Speaks...

Here I am
in this crowded room
in one corner
I stand alone.
Standing here quietly
watching all these people
in front of me.

I watch
how graceful they dance.
I listen
to how touchy they sing.
All of them,
they seem so happy.
I want to join them
but I don’t know how.

It feels like
I’m a ghost here.
No one sees me.
No one notices me.

Maybe a decoration,
a wallflower.

But still, I’m waiting,
I’m still hoping…
That there will be someone
who will finally see my existence…
Someone who will ask me,
maybe for a dance,
a dance to forever.

I’m still waiting here
I’m waiting here.
Where is he?

I long to see his beautiful smile…
I long to see his glimmering eyes…
What’s taking him so long?
I can’t help
but give multiple of sighs.

How long should I wait?
I’m getting a little…

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