The Fray

Love the vulnerability. What do you guys think?

Waves Without Sounds

frayThe Fray

I have nothing great to live and die for
Only little things in life
That I tell myself are enough to stand for.

Dusks, dawns,
Midnights, mornings,
The sun, the wind,
The moon and the waters.

I live for all these little things
That when accumulated would sum up
To something beautiful in the least–
Like plumes on a magical bird.

The movie of my life
Would be a boring indie film,
With a mundane storyline
And cryptic dialogues
Only few could entirely get.

It would be like a poem
With disjointed verses that never rhyme,
That could only be understood by those
Who have been intimate with me–
No one, in other words.

It is a song with repetitive tones
And incoherent words
Sang too slow to actually
Entice someone to listen.

My life is uninteresting
Even for myself.
Too mundane, too bland to care.
Everyday is…

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