who likes cheese? 😛

Making it write


those bamboo legged, brightly dyed packages of fashion
who stalk trendy shops enticingly branded by a
greedy hand wielding sly psychological weapons for mass sales,
slavishly following some simpering style Guru
for fear that left to their own devices, they may
commit an accessorial faux pas and
find themselves sartorially in the middle of last week;

those lost little retail addicts who think that if they wear
clothes not yet cold from the needle which stitched them,
it will give them something which, while not essential
will at least help,
will at least fill a hole;
may do better to pick up a block of cheese.
any decent cheese will do:
dolcelatte, camembert, good strong cheddar, epoisse
or even that strange Norwegian cheese named gjetost
which is sweet, and feels like fudge against the teeth.
take a knife.
cut a big chunk.
eat and enjoy the texture, the savour, the…

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