They Call Me…

As deep as a poem can get, dont you agree? 🙂


They Call Me…

They call me “The Exterminator”

Because I kill my dreams

And make sure that they don’t come back later

They call me “I Guess Wes”

Because I’m double minded

Making good decisions less and less

My life is a mess

“But don’t you want to change?”…

‘I don’t know, I guess?’…

They call me “Stupid Cupid”

For I fall in love with such great ease

Before I know it

I’m begging on my knees

“Come back please!”

But back to me they never come

That’s why they call me “Naïve and Dumb”

I think everyone is my friend

And too much do I beat my own drum

That’s why they also call me “Lost”

Because I don’t know where I’m from

Nor where I’m going

But I see it differently

I’m just a river that keeps on flowing

A kid that keeps on growing

Everything is in…

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